Perricone MD - H2 Elemental Energy Collection.

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The new range from Perricone MD* is all about hydration. I've tried and tested all the products for the last few months, and the results have been great. The main emphasis on this range is that they are lightweight, cloud like texture, no heavy or thick creams. I've used these throughout the summer where you don't need anything heavy like the winter months where your skin takes a beating. The collection is made up of a Hydrating Cloud Cream, Hydrating Booster Serum, De-Puffing Eye Gel, and a Firming Foam Mask. The science behind the products is as per, very impressive. All products are Hydrogen enriched using Perricone MDs own Hydrogen-H2 Energy Complex, this has created a range or creams that are noticeably lighter in texture, but still deeply hydrating. The Hydrating Booster Serum in particular seems to work wonders. Even though this is a unisex range, and men have thicker skin, the lightweight serum still leaves my face feeling firmer, and well hydrated. I've even used this without a moisturiser during the hotter months and it's not left my skin dry in the slightest, especially when your work colleagues comment saying how 'fresh' you look. Cheers guys.


Super lightweight in texture and fast absorbing, this really does live up to the name. You don't need to use much either, I've been using a 50ml tub daily since May now and it's still going strong. It's oil-free so does not leave much of a shine like some, heavier moisturisers can. This should leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. It's fragrance free too.


 If like most of us early starts can leave you looking a bit 'not with it' as to speak, a good eye cream, or in this case, eye gel can really help you get up to speed and start your day off strong. As with any eye skin product, use a tiny amount below your sensitive eye bag area. Since I've been writing this mens blog I never stop learning. The skin area below the eye is up to 17 times thinner, than the rest of your face. If you use an eye cream directly in this area it will go straight through the skin and then has nowhere to go, except stay under the skin. As directed on the bottle use on the eye contour line, the gel will migrate towards the softer skin area and do what it's designed to do. Again, this is a lightweight product, so unlike a thicker eye cream or gel, it is ideal for someone with sensitive skin, or does not want anything to thick. It can help reduce fine lines (fine by me) and provides an instant, cooling, refreshing wake-up call.


 Using a serum is something I find myself using more and more often. This one in particular works very well considering it is a lighter, thinner liquid than one specifically aimed at men. I usually put this on in the morning straight after a shower, and often head out with just this serum on my face. It's hydrating enough to not always need any extra moisturiser and will still leaving feeling fresh. Like all serums it's designed to firm, and plump up the skin a little bit. Up close I can visibly notice it's working, my face feels softer, and I can feel a smoother texture on my face. A good serum should protect, and help repair your skin from day to day wear and tear, such as pollution, hot or cold air exposure. This one performs exceptionally well. Of all the products tired and tested in this range, this serum is probably my top choice.


 A foaming face mask I thought to myself? Keen to try this out and see how it worked, it does just as it is intended to do. It starts off as a clear gel when applied to your face, and almost instantly starts to turn into a bright white foam. A nice cooling action kicks in too, and you can really feel it soaking your skin with moisture. This is one of the products in the range where the enriched hydrogen molecules are really noticeably working. After 10 minutes or so the white foam has set, and can be washed off with warm water, and almost peeled off like a rubber mask. My face feels cooled, smooth and clean after using this foaming face mask. It's fine to use twice a week, and again, fragrance free, so no risk of irritation. Definitely worth using on face mask Thursday's or as a part of your normal skincare routine.

To see this range or more of these great products click here.


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Moroccanoil is a huge brand with a plentiful range of products, not particularly aimed at men, however most products are unisex including the Moroccanoil Texture Clay* I've been using lately. I love discovering new products, especially ones that do more than one thing, (style my hair) for example. Moroccanoil products are packed with antioxidant-rich argan oil which in-turn delivers vitamins and minerals to your hair and scalp. Along with hair products, Moroccanoil have a range including exfoliators, cleansers, moisturisers and oils, and a collection of sun care products.

The Moroccanoil Texture Clay itself gives a firm hold, with a matte finish and actually works well when my hair has been a bit longer than the standard short back and sides I usually have. The main thing with this is that yes, it works well styling your hair, as many other products do, but this is has a blend of shea butter, argan oil, and bentonite clay. It's good to know I don't just have another product in my hair, but I'm actually treating it too. Bentonite clay is naturally formed from volcanic ash, it basically acts as a magnet in your hair and draws out any toxins and metals you might collection from day to day life, pollution etc.

Will the Moroccanoil Texture Clay style your hair better than another similar product? not particularly no. Is it better to have in your hair than another product? absolutely yes.

To see more of the Moroccanoil range click here.

Perricone MD- Shower Mask

If you've read my 5 winter skincare tips post, you'll know about the importance of avoiding hot showers. This applies all year round; water that is too hot will remove the natural oils from your skin and can leave it dry and sometimes itchy. This is something I personally have had issues with since I was a teenager, back when I thought washing my face with Lynx shower gel was completely normal (facepalm). Most modern men now are well aware of the fast growing industry of male grooming, and generally taking better care of ourselves, and this includes men now using face masks. Mr Porter for example reported a 300 percent rise in 2015 of men's beauty and grooming products being sold in the two years since the page had been added to the site. See what I mean?

Since I've been writing this blog my knowledge of products and male grooming is slowly growing. I know what to look out for, what to recommend, and what not to buy. I've also become very fond of Perricone MD products. They have a huge range available for men and women, including moisturisers, eye creams, serums, supplements and makeup.

Perricone have been keeping me well groomed for a while now and I'm always excited to sample new products. The latest is the Pre:empt series refreshing shower mask*. Basically it's a mask you apply before your shower to help add moisture to your face, and protect your skin from the damage of hot water. The mask works instantly and is activated by the steam from your shower. A nice cooling, soft green gel,  that you can feel working from the start. It will stay on your face while you shower too, you can wash it off when you're done in the shower, or leave it on for a further 5-10 minutes after.

The mask contains extracts of turmeric, olive leaf, green tea, and cress sprouts. This is what you'll see labelled as Dr Perricone's Nrf2 Antioxidant Support Complex, which basically using the natural ingredients can help your skins ability combat environmental aggrevators such as pollution, dry heat, and other daily substances that can damage the skin.

For me this is a good product, it works well and I found it saves time as we don't always have the time to sit and have a deep, cleansing clay mask with cucumber to cool the eyes before work do we. It is a product you can keep easily in your travel bag, over-night bag, and obviously to sit well in your collection at home of male grooming treats. To find out more about the amazing range from Perricone MD visit their site here.

BoohooMan- Suit Style


Any man will agree you just can't look any better than when you're wearing a fresh suit. Menswear and style is based around tailoring, and all men need at least one good suit if not a couple. A good suit is a symbol of power, class, and can turn any man into an instant 'man about town.' Most of us will see the best suits by Armani, Hugo Boss and Ralph Lauren worn by celebs on the red carpet...and that's the only time we'll see them. Unfortunately, I don't have a couple of grand lying about for a high end designer suit. But luckily for you and me, boohooMAN have recently launched their first full range of tailoring. They have a really cool mix of some classic pieces, including waistcoats, jackets and blazers, and some proper nice tailored trousers.

I choose a couple of bits from the selection so decided to go for the slim fit double breasted suit blazer*, and slim fit suit trousers*. The pair together make up the suit I'm wearing in this post and as you can see, it looks mint. The classic navy with the square pattern looks classy and modern. As for the quality it is good for the price. The range (as with all boohooMAN clothing) is affordable and should do you well if you look after it.

I'm 5'10 and of a stocky (ish) build and I'm pleased to say the suit fits like a dream. The trousers could do with taking up an inch or so, but overall, for an of the shelf piece, I'm really pleased. There is some extra room around the shoulders which makes for more comfort taking your jacket off, or pulling it on. The slim fit trousers fit really well, they are not spray on like the styles some brands seem to offer when they label things 'Slim Fit'. I have to say I am impressed, you can get a suit and some accessories from boohooMAN for just under a hundred quid. Most of the pieces in the range aren't particularly wild either, so they can become part of a good capsule wardrobe. If you love what you see, check out more of what's on offer here.

Bolin Webb R1-S Monza Razor

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The first thing you'll notice about this razor is that it looks like it should be picked up. Much like if you had the choice of stepping into a Porche or a Ford KA, I know which one I'd prefer, and I'm quite sure I know which one you'd choose too. Design is everything, it's why you have an iPhone, the smart timepiece on your wrist, the device you're reading this on. It all started from you being drawn in visually. Bolin Webb razors do just that. For most men a razor is an item we all have, even if we don't shave daily. Based on the adoring curves of classic British sports cars, Bolin Webb have turned this everyday bathroom item into something I now want to display. But it's more than just how the razor looks. The ergonomic design means it fits like a glove.

The Bolin Webb R1-S Monza Red* is the model I have been enjoying since the start of the year. Its handle curves around the four fingers on your hand, while your thumb seems to fit perfectly on top. It just feels absolutely right. The Monza has a nice weight to it too, which brings a solid feel and in my opinion, a better shave compared to a fly weight desposible razor.

You won't see a bricklayer with a cheap trowel, you need a tool that will last. Bolin Webb handles come with a 2 year guarantee and are built to last. Not only did Bolin Webb win best new product at the NYnow 2015 awards, they have recently scooped the 'Best-of-the-Best' award at the Red Dot Design Awards. And it's a thumbs up from me.

Bolin Webb offer a very impressive selection of razor handles to sit beautifully in your bathroom. The R1 collection has an assortement of mood warming colours too, including the R1-S in Signal Orange. The British brand based itself on the love of classic design, mixed in with some inspiration from some our our finest sports cars. All razor handles are compatible with Gillette blades which are included when you purchase your luxury razor.

You can see the entire range on their website here, including the new Prestige Range. Bolin and Webb offer not only unique and bespoke design razors, but they include a range of accessories including face blam, shaving cream, and some razor stands.

Browns Brighton


Browns recently got in touch and asked if I wanted to try their new menu. Obviously I said yes. At the time it was my first cheat meal of 2017 after a good six weeks of clean eating. For me this was perfect timing, a well earned treat.

Browns Brighton can be found in the lanes and is easily spotted with it's huge logo and large, inviting windows. Inside is a well arranged lay out, decorated with classic pictures on the walls, mirrors, large potted ferns and finished with rich mahogany tables and seats. In the summer the front shop windows open right up giving you the chance to enjoy the weather and soak up some local life too. The atmosphere is relaxed and has a kind of 1920s feel to it, ambient lighting mixed with the wondeful decor makes for a delightful visit - even if just stopping for a quick lunch.

Naturally after a generally low carb diet for six weeks, what do you want to eat by the pound? Cheese.

And if there's cheese you need wine, red wine. A bottle of red enjoyed generously with a baked Camembert, with crusty bread and a rhubarb and tomato chutney.

Rosie loves pasta, as do I but the steak menu could not be turned down, it was much needed protein anyway, post gym etc. The 'Tender Beef' specials menu if you're a meat lover can't be ignored. Something I only learned of on the night is that Browns rear their own cattle, this is from a grass fed calf, to being served on your plate. With this comes the highest quality cuts of beef, tender, and oozing flavour.

We ordered the Cote de Boeuf, a single slab of meat that was absolutely huge, the biggest I've had on a plate anywhere in fact. This comes served with onion rings, chips, portobello mushrooms, asparagus, a bearnaise sauce and topped with some equally as hearty tempura prawns. This is a plate I would advise eating if you've brought your appetite! This is a lot of food!

After another glass of wine or two I made the tough decision of opting for a dessert, purely down to being stuffed already due to half cow I'd previously consumed. The chocolate fudge brownie is on another level, drizzled with honey combe ice cream and a sweet toffee sauce.

Luckily living in Brighton I have the option to walk home, much needed after such a feast. The menu is of top qaulity, bringing a high standard of service, cuisine to cater most palettes. You can dine in Browns for two, or why not book a table for more. The food is top notch and ticks all the boxes. Where to eat in Brighton? Browns is the answer.

How I'm sleeping better with Leesa.


You can eat well, hydrate, live in the gym, but all of this does not matter if you're not getting a good nights sleep. Most of us will know what it feels like to have a restless night, and to rely on match sticks to hold our eyes open the following day. Obviously your lifestyle is a major factor on how much sleep you get, but one of the main things that many people often overlook, is a good quality mattress. One of my old mattresses had springs that would often pop up in the middle of the night, not only waking me up with a loud twang, but usually digging into my hip or thigh. Much to my discomfort and inturrepted sleep, I did not do anything about this for a long time. It seems to be something we just tend to deal with, and carry on with. Don't be that person, we spend around a third of our life in bed! So make sure it's comfortable. This is where Leesa can help.

 A few months ago when Leesa got in touch, I said I would 'think about it' in regards to testing out one of their mattresses. The one I had (that's now long gone) seemed ok, It wasn't too old, no dodgy tempremental springs, so why would I want a new mattress? After some more reading and a little convincing I decided to go ahead, and since then I've not looked back. I've suffered from back problems for some years now, mainly pelvic-tilt, which to those of you who aren't sure of the condition it's basically when your pelvis moves too far forward, or backwards. Often caused by too much abs work, and not enough lower back. To help with this I often used to sleep with a pillow between my legs to help keep my hips in line with my shoulders and stop so much twisting going on. In a nutshell my back needs some work doing. Since I've been sleeping on my new Leesa mattress though the results have been very convincing.

The Leesa mattress itself has three layers of foam- a top layer of cooling foam, a contouring foam, both of which are 5cm thick, and a bottom layer core support, 15cm thick. I've tried memory foam mattresses before and often had mixed feelings, too soft, or not giving the support where they should. For me this is mainy around my hips and shoulders, the points of your body that take most of the pressure if you sleep on your side. The 3 layers in the Leesa mattress somehow work together and provide the ultimate support. With all this working in a dream-like harmony my sleep is now better, and my hips are alligned perfectly no matter what position I wake up in.

The order process is easy, pick a mattress, type in your address, payment details and you're done. A few days later you'll be greated with a box, yes you did read that right. An upright box, that at first looks like it contains anything but, a double mattress. As you can see in the photo you get a rolled up mattress, shink wrapped and ready to go. Simply take off the plastic and roll it out. Within an hour it will have risen up into a full blown double mattress, so don't be alarmed if you think it's too slim, like I at first did. Give it time, you'll be surpised.

Apart from me now sleeping better and enjoying a pain-free back, Leesa have lots more to offer. For every 10 mattresses sold, they will donate one to local homeless shelters, for more information on this visit their site. Under their 100 night risk free trial, if you feel the mattress isn't working for you within the first 100 night's, Leesa will collect the mattress and donate it to a charitable organisation, whilst giving you a full refund. If I could say one bad thing, you could find you just don't want to get out of bed, it is that comfy... be warned.
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