Citrus Zinger // The lemon water bottle.

 So... I decided to miss the whole new year, new man first of January blog post. After reading sereval other posts from the start of 2015, most appear to be the same, 'get fit, this is the year!' etc etc...aren't they all? Moving on...

 As with most of the nation, January is the time to break out of the sloth like unmotivated state the Christmas season has left us in. Personally, most of December I found myself inhaling chocolate, pies, savory snacks, and anything I could possibly consume. This phase of  'It's Christmas!? I'll loose it all next month!' perhaps went a tiny bit off track leaving me fatter and unfitter than ever before and in need of a long detox.

 Apart from the obvious things - hitting the gym hard again, eating a low carb and high protein diet - I wanted to make sure I stay really well hydrated. So that is when I stumbled across this little gem. A citrus-zinger water bottle. A well designed water bottle with some extra zing of its own. A compartment on the bottom of the bottle in which you can squeeze your own fruit juice into it, then simply add it back the the main bottle and add fresh water and shake.

 Plain water suits me fine as I've never been the fussy type who dosen't like to drink water because it has 'no taste'. But as the Citruz Zinger gives me the easy option to add some flavour to my water, then why not make things a bit more exciting?

 So far I've only added lemon juice to my water as it's more than enough for me right now. Ice cold lemon water first thing in the morning is refreshing and highly thirst quenching - not only does it start my day off well by adding some well needed water but the lemon juice is packed with vitiman C and a shed load of potassium. Lemons also contain complex B vitimins, calcium and are a good source of fibre. All of this goodness now added to my water helps to aid my digestion and stimulate my liver to flush out toxins.

 The Citrus Zinger water bottle includes intructions inside the bottle and some information on the product. It contains no toxic plastics and is dishwasher safe, and more to the point, a few ideas on what to add to your bottle. Some ideas include lemon and cucumber, grapefruit and lemon, honey and ginger, the list goes on. personally I'll look forward to filling mine with ice this coming summer! Wishful thinking!

 Definitely worth grabbing one of these juicy bottles to have in the home, gym bag or take to work!

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  1. I have one of these! I LOVE it! :)

  2. I don't have one of these but I do have a large water bottle (an aladdin, apparently!)which I add a couple of large slices of lemon to first thing in the morning (or the night) which keeps my water infused throughout the day and makes me want to drink water much more!

  3. Hi Laura, oh wow sounds good! Yea icy cold lemon water is 100% better than plain water! So nice to stay hydrated :) hope you like my blog, thanks for the comment :p