Lush for men // review


Looking good? Feeling good. I absolutely am with this combo from Lush I picked up a few months back (hence the old magazine). Everyone is familiar with Lush these days, but if you're a man don't be fooled into thinking it's just one for the ladies. The men's range of products has come leaps and bounds since the early days of the first bath bombs and body soaps. 

I have a mixed skin type, oily/dry so I'm always a bit cautious of putting anything with too many unnatural chemicals on my face. Luckily for me, Lush products use natural oils from fruits, ground nut shells, sea salt, fresh sea weed, the list goes on. Anything that comes from the earth as far as I'm concerned is trust worthy and won't leave my face ridiculously dry and tight. 

Here's the four products I picked up. 


A beard and facial wash called 'Kalamazoo' which contains pineapple, rich in enzymes to brighten and tone the skin. Apicot oil and cupuaçu butter which I found really fresh on my face and like most Lush items, smells good enough to eat. (Do not eat) #justsayin 

Another good thing with the Kalamazoo was even after a shower and drying off I didn't need anything else on my face. It leaves a nice soft feel with a non shine look. 


'Rub rub rub' shower scrub was a nice big tub of blue goop. Made mainly from sea salt and scented with mimosa and orange flower this was my top pick of products. Scoop out a small handful and rub all over yourself in the shower, gently exfoliating and very moreish. You can use this on your hair too! It leaves a nice 'just got off the board dude' sea salted surf look to your newly hooked up hair waves. 


This one I'd imagine caught the eyes of many lads being dragged around by girlfriends on a Lush shopping spree. Again, a great product as its multi purpose. It's a facial moisturiser yes, but you can also use it a shaving cream. So it's basically got a dual action use, which in my eyes is a money saving result. 2 in 1, and a nice mix of lavender, wheatgrass and marigold cream. Yes, you'll want to take a big sniff of this one.


My fourth and final product was the 'BB seaweed' fresh face mask. This one is for him and her. A small tub packed with loads of goodies for your face BB seaweed including aloe vera, antiseptic honey, seaweed, rose and kaolin. I'm not a skin or ingredient expert so I'm not going to try to explain the value of each of these wonderful ingredients. I can however tell you applying this once taken out of a cool fridge is a must. Just one thing to watch out for with this one is that, because it's so fresh, it does go mouldy if you don't use it before the expiry date.

So there you have it. Head down to Lush and grab a few things, or if you're too scared of loosing your MMA hard man status, mention to your girlfriend next time she pops in to pick up a beard wash for you or why not both try the salty Rub Rub Rub scrub? 

If however you're a normal bloke like me and far beyond the fear of going into a shop that sells woman's products, the boys and girls in the Lush stores are extremely helpful and can definitely give you some top advice! 

Hope you've enjoyed this, I'm off for a shower and shave! Lush products will be in use. 
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  1. I love BB Seaweed! A is partial to even the odd bath bomb haha.

    Amy -

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  3. Yes it's well nice!!! I love the odd bath bomb too! Just need a bath in our basement flat though :p