What's in my man drawer?


Women love to talk about what's in their bags, make up bags, hand bags, gym bags, and just about any other vessel that can carry make up it seems.
Being a male blogger I've decided to show you what's in my 'man drawer' and discuss the importance of having a one. If like myself you're familiar with phrases such as "Babe!? Where is my..." then you'll understand why you need your very own man drawer.

When I lived by myself I wasn't a messy guy - organised chaos, I believed it's called. I would know that the small bolt from the IKEA table may indeed come in handy again at some point, so would leave it on my bedside table. The second pack of 'buy one get one free' headlight bulbs for my car would also be on standby on the edge of my table, or another place visible for when needed. Know what I'm talking about? 

Unfortunately this most likely will all change when your girlfriend (or partner if that's you) moves in to your place. A series of minor arguments and discussions about being tidy WILL HAPPEN, but never fear.. the man drawer is here. 

Basically Pandora's box my man drawer never fails to surprise me! Anything I need or can't quite  remember where I left it will now hopefully appear in the depths of my place for everything. 

 So here's a list of just some of the content I've pulled out to show.

  • a claw hammer, the most useful tool there is. If in doubt, give it a clout! Mines only a small 8oz but fine for household DIY. 

  • my passport. The only safe place I won't loose it. Statistically they say not to keep your passport, car keys, important documents together as a thief with half a brain will know most people keep the whole lot together. I'm wise enough to keep all my important things separate. (there's a reason I keep my hammer close by, be warned)  

  • a couple of empty LUSH tubs, take 5 empties back for a free one! Woo! 

  • Xbox game, Gears of War 3. I'm not a massive gamer but once in a while it's good to blast up some alien creature with big machines guns. This will now be set up shortly, she won't be pleased... 

  • spare bulbs. These are for an IKEA lamp. Always useful if you're sitting in the dark.
  • two lone buttons. I think for a pair of tweed trousers I own (these...)

  • Kiehls oil eliminator. Swear by the stuff! (and reviewed it here)
  • WD-40! Any man should own a good colone Tom Ford once said. True, he should also own a can of WD-40. A million uses and a brand that makes me feel I can fix it if it's stuck. An Asian bus driver once used some WD-40 to remove a python that had attached itself to the bottom of his bus. Fact.
  • A screwdriver. Incase my man draw needs some maintenance.
  • some supplements MET-Rx fat burners, and multi vitamins. For when I'm on a fitness mission. (Note to self, gym more)
  • Nivea men's 48 hour fresh deoderant. I've always got a half full can laying about. This is the only deodorant that keeps me dry! Does exactly what it says on the tin.
  • Nivea lip chap. Winter is coming...
  • tape measure. Do I need to explain?
  • sex wax. Wax for my surfboard. Because I'm cool I've pulled the sticker off and stuck it somewhere.
  • shaveworks 'the cool fix' a soothing after shave gel, fine example of a hidden gem that can be found in a man drawer.
  • montagne jennnesse mud pack. Cheap as chips, found all over the place. Lovely on the face.
  • Piz Buin tanning oil. The weather lately probably explains why it's in the drawer. Great product though, I use a low SPF as I don't really burn.
  • a random mystery item (there's always one) I think it's some sort of small plastic valve? Either way, it may come in handy one day (maybe)
  • batteries, Xbox remote. Sky remote. Other items that require batteries I'm not going to mention. 
 There were a few extra items that didn't make the photo including an old Mother's Day card and a Christmas card. The Mother's Day card can be used next year (result) and even if the Christmas card does say 2012 just wing it, say you genuinely thought it was 2012, it's the thought that counts. 

Finally some tips on maintaining your man drawer:

  1. Never be forced to clean your man drawer, it's an emotional process that takes time and thought. 
  2. Remember it's not 'just a drawer' it is a cave of lost gems and forgotten treasures. She will treat it with respect. 
  3. If your man drawer has become something that looks like Mr Scribble, it's time to get rid of those 2004 Nokia phone chargers. Go on, do it now. 
  4. Try and keep your man drawer hygienically clean. Any old fruit, sweets, chocolate etc that is resembling a science project studying mould growth is not good. She has every right to raid and remove guilty items. 
Do you have a man drawer? What's in yours? 

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  1. I totally have a (wo)man drawer, or several. You never know when you might need that random bit of fluff or duff fuse!

    Lola and Behold

  2. Haha yes Laura! If it's anything like Rosie's wo(man) drawer it's multi coloured and packed with lip sticks! :@!

  3. This post made me laugh! Amazing. Gemma www.jacquardflower.uk

  4. This post made me smile all the way through until the end where I laughed. It is written brilliantly and is so true. We have a woman draw or 4 for ourselves and it's true men should too. Now showing my partner this post. Good job :)

  5. Haha I'm glad you enjoyed it! A man drawer is a must have! Yes women seem to have multiple drawers, usually packed with excessive make up! :p thanks for sharing this post! Hope he enjoys it too! :)