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Zara has been one of my favourite high street shops for some time now. The men's range offers a style that for me is rather unique. As well as being set apart from the rest, I think they offer slightly higher quality than some other brands for a similar price.

I picked up two T-shirts on my last shopping trip. One a staple white wardrobe filler, and the other a khaki green; a classic colour that will look good with pretty much any shade of jeans or trousers as well as with brown leather (such as your shoes, belt, watch strap etc). 

I usually have my better quality ones for going out, and my 3 for £10 ones for everyday wear work, the gym, or what could become a messy situation. (Fixing the car/sink) you know what I mean. 

These two from Zara Men are quality. Deluxe cotton for a fresh feel, and the main thing I like is the raw/double stitched neckline for a nice finishing touch. This makes them look very similar to an All Saints one I bought a few years ago (but obviously that had a much bigger price tag). These tees are very breathable and light on the body, and they fit nicely around the chest, back and arms. Ideal if you've just smashed the gym and want a fresh (spray on) well fitted but light feeling t-shirt.

You can buy this tee here.
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