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As we approach Christmas (yes, I've said it) I thought I'd get some gift ideas up. I will be including gifts for him and for her aiming to help you out in what I call the most stressful time of the year. At the age of thirty I am now well accustomed to the average gift being indeed, socks, or bathroom smellies. Which coincidentally suits me just fine.

First up is this Limited Edition Men's Collection gift set* from Green People. A twin body wash set including a Peppermint and Eucalyptus and an Orange peel and Clove. If like me you've recently become more aware of what you are actually using on your skin and what is in your products, Green People come second to none. Using on average 90% natural organically grown certified ingredients in these two body washes, you have no hidden nasties to worry about. 

Peppermint and Eucalyptus

The peppermint body wash has a nice menthol scent to it and does give you that fresh, awakened feeling on your skin first thing in the morning. One of the organic ingredients is yucca which works as a cleanser but won't remove your natural skin oils. For me personally there is nothing worse than having a shower, then going somewhere with radiators blasting out dry heat making me itch, scratch, and generally feeling irritable. With yucca and aloe vera working in your skins favour you don't have to worry about the dry, post shower winter irritation.

Orange Peel and Clove

The orange peel and clove wash is my favourite of the two, it's scent is good enough to lure you to try some. The orange peel and clove ingredients working together give off a warming, citrus feel when in the shower. Reminded me a bit of mulled wine if i'm honest, which is always a good idea as far as I'm concerened. Again, it is super friendly on the skin, non drying and it is definitely one I would recommend.

For the mrs or the old dear, the woodland animal theme continues amongst the gift sets for her. There's a 'badger' hand cream collection, a 'fox' body wash collection and an 'owl' facial collection, so you could get one for every lady in your life.

Rosie has reviewed the owl facial care collection so see what she thought of it on her blog.

So who are Green People? 

I've spent the last half hour or so having a good morning read with my coffee (standard) and found out a lot more than what I already knew. They are a local based company in West Sussex and I did know they boasted some impressive facts about their products and what they can offer. So here are some facts for you. 

  • Green People have over 100 multi award winning certified organic products.
  • 10% of Green People's net profit is donated to charity. 
  • For each Christmas Men's Collection sold,  a minimum of 30p will be donated to the Woodland Trust.
  • Green People has very kindly guaranteed to pay at least £5,000 to the Woodland Trust between June 2015 and June 2016 which will go towards the crucial work they do. 
  • Green people offer a free sample with every order.
  • Green People like me, run a blog full of useful, prosessional tips - check it out here
Be sure to visit Green People and take your pick from an impressive range of well thought out, earth and enviromentally freindly products. Have you used Green People before? Found a product that has helped a skin condition for you? Or just love what they are about? let me know. 
Hope you found this helpful, please comment like or share if like what you see!



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