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I've just turned 30 and starting to feel just a touch older and am feeling the need to take my skincare seriously. I was probably about 25 when I first tried an eye cream, I'm not really sure what prompted me at the time, but it could possibly be something to do with the fact that Gerard Butler was once all over L'Oreal Paris mens grooming products and I wanted to look like him, who wouldn't?

MKmen Advanced Eye Cream is the one I've currently been test driving. So what did I think?

First off, great packaging. Grey, black, and white. Not too easy to be confused with any of the girlfriends products dotted all over the bathroom cabinet.

As for performance, its got a nice thin texture which is think is important for an eye cream as anything to thick can leave my eyes feeling a bit puffy.

It's fragrance free too - another plus as I've tried some eye creams which have a minty or menthol action going on. Anything just below the eye kicking off a vapour feels too much like an irritant/tear gas to me.

MKmens Advanced Eye Cream is labelled for dry to oily skin, which suits me fine. On the box it claims to dramatically minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, always a tall claim to stand up to in my opinion. I haven't been using it long enough yet to say whether any of my crows feet have disappeared but it does leave my under eyes feeling firmer, refreshed and looking a bit more awake! Either way it's easily a top end product and I'd happily recommend it.

Are you using an eye cream yet? Or dont believe in it? It's claimed that Clint Eastwood wishes he had moiturised back in the day, if Clint said that, I'll be happy to bathe in the in the stuff!

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