A few weeks back I took a mission up to Shoreditch to meet up with a group of fellow bloggers to do a Joe Browns photoshoot for their 2015 Christmas collection. This was my first experience of any sort of blogging event/meet up, but I didn't think twice about the opportunity. I'm not a shy person at all so I couldn't wait to say hi to everyone and it wasn't hard to have a good chat with anyone as we all have blogging in common, so that saves on the small talk!

When I finally got to The Ten Bells pub (a fine establishment I must add) after running down the street due to the standard London Underground problems, I went upstairs to find everyone already dressed and photos being taken. It was a pretty cool sight to see, and it was exciting to think I'm part of this funky lights, camera, action event. Anyway I quickly got changed into my chosen outfit which as you can see in the pics was, the 'Hit The Slopes' jumper, Bootcut Joe Jeans, Favourite Smart Boots, and the 'Rock Around' T-shirt.

As you can see I'm sporting a very festive Christmas jumper, which by now (December) is suitable to wear out (despite it being unusually warm still) and will be what I'll wear on Christmas Day. The best thing about Joe Browns is that there seems to be something for everyone, a good mixed bag of wardrobe staples to more eccentric items for the braver of us. In the pictures on you can see there is a wide variety of colours, textures and styles including; a wool waist coat and suit (Adam), a dark green jacket and waistcoat set with some dark trousers (Ben), a moody blue and gold velvet dress (Scarlett), a navy floral shirt and blue suede shoes (Thomas), and a very lovely black and gold dress  along with an extravagant black faux fur wrap. (Laura)

Everyone really suited what they were wearing and the atmosphere was great. It was a cool first blogging event and I got to meet some like minded people. It was good to chat to eveyone and find out more about what we do outside of the blogging world. 

If you like anything you've seen in all of the above, plus loads more you can find there current collection here.  A good, qaulity brand with a sense of humour and style that definitely will get me back for more. 

I'd like to thank Emily and chums from Joe Browns for giving me a great day out and a good insight in to this part of the industry. It has given me more confidence and I can't wait for more. Finally a big thanks to Adam, Scarlett, Ben, Laura, and Thomas for being lovely people and making this a day to remember! I'm sure we'll run into each other again hopefully in future events! 

 Thanks again,

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  1. Lovely write up - I had no idea it was your first event I thought you were a seasoned pro!! :)

    Laura x |

  2. Ah thanks! Haha noooo you're too kind! :p seasoned pro in the making perhaps :p I'm hoping for a strong 2016!! :D