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A few months ago Rehab London* very kindly gifted me a selection of their male grooming goodies. One of the first things I noticed on the box was 'Tested on men-not animals' followed by a list of FREE FROM: a load of nasties that you dont really want on your face. It's nice, simple, black design, I like; it looks like a mens product so personally its something I'd be more likely to pick off the shelf. I have tried and tested to the max, here's what I thought...


Labelled as Men's Mattifying Oil Control, it's basically a non shine moisturiser. Firstly it smells lush! Yes, what product doesn't in the blogging world, but this really does. It's a very light moisturiser - ideal for summer, warmer months as your skin tends to sweat not long after being out about so you dont want too much extra on your face. On the down side I'd say its a little too light for winter when your skins needs extra looking after due to the radiators, wind and all the other stuff that makes me itch etc. Another plus is the added ingredients; Hawaiian Water Algae known for its healing qaulities and Rooibos extract, which boasts a whole load of anitoxidants. All in all though it will leave you looking shine free and it does add some much needed moisture to your skin needs. Thumbs up.


 Men's Facial Anti-Fatigue Cream, or as I like to call it, 'Crows Feet Fixer'. This one I'm particulary fond of. You only need a small amount as it's super thick! I'd say slightly cooling, and ideal before bed. This too contains Hawaiian Water Algae and a bit of Ginseng. I'd recommend if you've had a heavy night or been working outdoors etc. Super moist.


Personally I dont clean shave much. Purely down to the reason of my skin ending up pretty raw and I'm just not a fan. 99.9% of the time I'm sporting some good stubble or a beard. For the sake of testing this out though I did have my annual clean shave. It's definitely cooling and soothing so if you're someone who does clean shave often, this is a product to look out for. Like the previous products, it contains, you've guessed it.. Hawaiian Water Algae as well as Rockweed Extract, a natural anti-inflammatory to help out if your razor is giving you the burn.


You're not a man if you don't embrace your morning glory. The last couple of months and especially the last few weeks, we've finally had a cold spell. This is a daily moisturiser that'll beat the elements and keep you fresh from the cold wintery blasts. Nice and thick and again, not too much needed - this is a winner! Key ingredients include Cocoa Seed Butter which is packing Vitamin E (good for healthy skin) African pepper, which boasts antibacterial properties to help fight blemishes and spots if you still get them (most of us do from time to time) and our good old pal Hawaiian Water Algae.


This one is for the shower. A good scrub of the face is often just what you need so exfoliating with this is ideal. The scrub is nice and grainy so it feels like its doing the job. Men have thicker skin with bigger pores so you want something that'll really get and shot blast off any nasties that have jumped on you during your working day. The magic behind the scrub is grains of volcanic sand from Tahiti (awesome I know) and bits of spiny bamboo medulla. Both of which work together in removing dead skin and helping to prevent those bloody annoying ingrown hairs. It contains an enzyme extract from pumpkin fruit which promotes skin cell renewal and is more gental at removing dead skin cells. Tegosoft is the final extra ingredient, an extract of coconut oil which works to leave your face feeling soft.
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