Man Flu? Man Up!

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As many of us 'men' will know, man flu is brutal. An unforgiving and non compassionate virus that will stop even the most hardy of men in his tracks. Symptoms can vary from aching joints, a super heavy stuffed head, an insane blocked nose to full blown sofa bound demands of random food or item requests. Luckily for us, MANFLU* have released a range of products to slap snot in the face.

A good selection of natural based treats to soothe and ease our sufferering. What I need most when ridden with cold is energy. Energy helps me use the tv remote, give me the will to talk (ask for soup etc) and help take the edge off the severity of man flu.


The MANFLU energy sweets are lush. Chew on a few of these for when you may actually have to leave your bed and earn some cash etc. Each sweet is packed with vitamin C and B vitamins to give you the power to release your inner gladiator. Grrrr


These little green beauties come with kick! It clearly states on the packet: "Warning: Strong menthol flavours in centre. Tested only on men's men." They were'nt joking over at ManFlu. Tasting like sweet lemon and lime, with a gooey centre that I would say clearly matches a rival brand that all men should know of, 'boat. old man. fishing' know the one?
My sore razorwire throat was nicely soothed, while my blocked nose soon started taking in air like a Boeing 747 engine. Result.


When the man flu has destroyed you, chicken soup in a mug is just the ticket. Just like any other cuppa chicken soup except this tastes better and is packed to the brim with vitamins. One cup contains a mere 111 calories, so you need not feel guilty after the tub of ice cream you consumed for breakfast. Sore throat etc.


These aren't just for when you are on your death bed. An ideal daily vitamin booster in an orange flavoured drink for when you're flat out working or pumping iron. Many of us think we're the terminator. You're not, your body needs rest and sometimes a bit of extra support for your immune system. These fizz up in a tall glass of water releasing a huge selection of B vitamins and vitamin C, ideal to beat tiredness and fatigue. They are sugar free too so won't leave you feeling guilty afterwards.


A small 60ml bottle of power. You can take this as a single shot, or add to hot water and enjoy as a comforting menthol drink. Admittedly I've yet to try this one as my man flu seemed to have almost healed, probably due to my manflu treats (cheers guys) by the time I got round to finishing this post for you all. So I now have it to look forward to next time my body lets me down. Definitely one I'll look forward to though: sugar free, no caffeine and a guilt free 7 calories. The bottle boasts added Zinc, vitamin C and Echinacea.

So there we have it. I'd recommend all the products I tried and tested for many reasons, some including; they are considerably cheaper than leading competitors, all natural ingredients so no paracetamol, and it's a fun brand, for the man's man! Get some now. ManFlu products are availible at Boots, Lloyds (the pharmacy - don't go asking your bank for cough sweets, they'll send you home), Sainsbury's, ASDA, Waitrose and lots of other places nationwide. Enjoy and man up!
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