Anthony: a skincare brand developed for men, borrowed by women

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Glycolic Exfoliating & Resurfacing Wipes

Finally a product that has had some thought and design put into it to break the mould from the rest, Anthony, a New York based company are just that. Luckily for us now they are available from Space NK in the U.K. A dual purpose face wipe with two sides; one to exfoliate and remove dead skin and grime, the other to cleanse,  soothe and leave you refreshed. What might sound too good to be true is far from it. These are now part of my over night and gym bag and should be part of yours too.

If like myself your job is from the crack of dawn until late evening, or you find yourself rushed off your feet more than often, having time to keep yourself feeling fresh and alert isn't always an option. Now though you can keep a pack of Anthony wipes* with you and the rest is history.

So how do they work?

 One side of the wipe has a dotted texture which will scrub and exfoliate your face and get off any grit and grime you've picked up throughout the day. The other side has a smooth texture and a cooling feeling to it, packed with Aloe Vera to add some much needed soothing and moisture.

whats in the wipes I hear you ask? 

The wipes are all natural (woop), alcohol free, free from at least eleven different nasties I won't write down because a) I'm not 100% sure what most of them are, and b)  neither will you. They do contain some cool and familiar things such as Witch Hazel extract, known to renew skin and tone up the crows feet, and Camomile and Cucumber, for moisture and soothing goodness.

Anthony face wipes are not tested on animals, have a cool slogan 'Developed for men. Borrowed by women' and very kindly donate a portion of proceeds from each packet to Prostate Cancer Research. whats not to like.

Wake Up Call Hydrating Treatment Gel

This is something I've wanted for years, thinking back to probably about 7 or 8 years ago actually. I had some Charles Worthington mens moisturiser, can't remember which one exactly, only that it had a cooling sensation after you put it on which was just the wake up call you need. After all this time Wake Up Call Gel from Anthony has delivered me that same cooling, icy fresh morning blast in a bottle. A menthol, cooling gel which in the early AM hours is the slap in the face I need to start me off.

Whats in wake up call? 

First up is Caffeine which, as you probably know, acts as a stimulant and helps against skin fatigue. Green Tea reduces that 5am puffer fish look, and is packed with antioxidants. Another active ingredient is Aqua Cacteen, a cactus extract, renowned for providing super high levels of moisture to your skin. The cooling blast comes from the added Menthol Peppermint extract, known for anti-bacterial properties and obviously it's refreshing feeling.

Both are ideal for an overnight bag, after the gym, in the car, you name it. Big thumbs up from me, well done Anthony.
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