Denim- Get a full day out of your jeans with Jacamo

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Jeans are amazing. Originally designed in the 19th century for miners, railwaymen, cowboys and lumbermen, and I would imagine several other hard going jobs men still do today. A good pair of jeans should last you as long as you want them to, whether it be for work or a strong fashion staple. Personally I wear at least one pair of my jeans usually from Monday through until Friday for work, driving around Central London in a Ford Transit. The thing is with good denim you can do anything with it; happy hour Friday, fresh t-shirt on followed by a quick wash, and I'm in the pub, easy. Then again you can't go wrong with a fresh white shirt and jeans, the combinations are endless. Anyway I'm going to show you just a few variations of what I wear from being in work, to getting ready for a night on the tiles, or the classic few beers.

From car to bar. The simplest and freshest of the post-work combo jeans,* and a fresh white shirt. It's a look that will never age, never look bad, only look good and suit any man, any shape or size. Always make sure your belt matches your shoe colour. Brown shoes with a black belt is a no no, basic rule 101. 
The casual man. you can always go more casual, which to be honest I usually do, especially this time of year when it's not to warm out just yet. Wear your jeans with some knitwear, a thick navy or grey works well with any shade of jeans or a rich burgundy is well suited. The pic below shows the Jacamo drew cable knit jumper*, which is a nice design and feels super comfy.  

The Lumberjack. What you're most likey to find me in over winter. A lumberjack shirt, in my Yopinion of course, is a look that will never die. For me it's iconic and for the man's man. You can wear it out with your jeans and top it off with a good pair of boots. You can go for the traditional red and black but there is now a huge variaty to choose from, including a popular blue and black or an orange/yellow black shirt. Another great thing about the lumberjack shirt is you can wear it straight out, no need to iron (winning). Looks super bad ass if you're sporting a beehive beard on your face and have a good selection of fine ink on your arms to display. 

Those are just a few ideas to make your jeans work for you. The jean variation though is almost endless so the choice is yours. you can also see what Jacamo personally recommend over on their blog here .

Cheers for the read, like it? Let me know in the comments below or on twitter - I'm @richieday85 

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