Goldfaden MD. Ruby Crystal Power Exfoliator

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If you've read any of my previous male grooming posts you'll know I'm a sucker for new products. This one in particular is just that. An exfoliating face scrub from Goldfaden MD*, that uses real Ruby Crystals. Posh or what? An advanced physician strength exfoliator available to you and me over the counter. I will add it's not specifically a men's product - it's for him and her. You may have guessed that from the packaging, but either way due to its highly praised performance from both men and women alike, I wanted to try it.

What I will say firstly is this is a hardcore scrub, you need a very small amount to feel it working. In my own words it's like a sand blasting your face, which personally is great for me as I prefer a tougher more abrasive exfoliator. If you've got a more sensitive skin, or you're a lady reading this it may be one to avoid or I'd suggest trying a sample first. Saying that though, if it is the one for you, the results after are pretty impressive! It left my face feeling like a new born after just one go. Goldfaden MD isn't a face wash either, there's no foaming up etc, just a pure scrub that really does do the job.

The Doctor's Advanced Scrub contains some seaweed extract too, along with some hyaluronic acid and organic red tea, all of which will help to soothe and protect your skin. Bonus. 

This is a very high end luxury product, weighing in at £85 from Space NK. Saying that though you'll save money if you were to see a skin specialist for a day treatment or short course etc. I'd say a pot would last anywhere between 6-12 months.
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