Johnny's Chop Shop

Walk into any supermarket today and chances are you'll same the same old, big, and never changing brands as far as men's hair products go. You know the one; blue tubs, fibre putty etc. I'm not saying they don't work or that I've never brought a tub or two, but change is good right? So like I always say, if I get offered to try something new, then sure, why not.

So let me introduce you to Johnny's Chop Shop Barbers, yes they are very real and have their own barber shops for you to check out. One in Topman, Oxford Circus, another in Soho, Marshall Street. And as I'm sure you'll now be aware of, they have their own products.. drum roll please..


A bright orange tin with a tiger on!? It looks cool af. If you're a regular reader, you'll know I love anything that catches my eye. This makes me think of Rocky Balboa so I'm loving it. So the most important part, what's it like? Well It's actually pretty bloody good. Unlike a lot of matt hold clays, this is ready to go 24/7, there's no warming it up required. I was using it with my longer hair, and more recently I've had a shorter French Crop, it's worked amazingly well with both styles, and it comes of your hands in seconds under a cold tap. No awkward stickyness.


I have never before in my life used, or even thought about using, a dry shampoo until now. The hobo hair dry shampoo with 'matt look cleanser with a builders dust vibe' written on the can is just that. I spent years as a builder and know exactly what they mean by that. I've found this most usefull when I've been to the gym, showered and not washed my hair, a quick blast of this will freshen it up and add some depth to your mullet.


The Trigger Happy Texturising Spray is basically like a sea salt spray for the surfer hair look. I've not surfed much since moving away from Dorset but hooking up some waves in the sea followed by hooking up some waves in my hair was always fun due to the post beach, salty volume it would create. The Trigger Happy does just that. One I'd say only to use on longer hair styles to give it some much needed surfer attitude! It's also packing caffeine for that extra buzz.


The Sharp and Easy Shave Foam took me a while to test, purely on the fact that I rarely clean shave. However, due to several job interviews lately, I decided to get clean faced. The foam does exactly what it says on the tin, it's really cooling too which for me is perfect. Aloe Vera and cooling are always something I'll look out for if I do need to clean shave, no one likes razor burn right?

So there we go, some great, funky new products that work. Definitely pop into one of their shops if you're in town.You can always grab yourself some products here.
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  1. Intrigued by the concept of men's dry shampoo, would you use it again?

    The Yorkshire Gentleman

  2. morning boss! I would yes, it's ideal after a quick shower etc when you've not washed your hair. It add's a matt look, and smells lush! I'd recommend.

  3. Johnny's Chop Shop Sharp & Easy Shave Foam 200ml I got my first can from boots way back because I tried it and went out and got a dozen cans I'm down to my last can and am unable to find it anywhere can you help me