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Yet again it is that time of year, and Christmas is approaching. So for many of us it's time to start thinking, if only a little bit, about gifts; what to get, for whom to get, and when to start buying. Personally I usually nickname Christmas 'Stressmas' but to be honest, that could be down to me doing my Christmas shopping at 7pm on Xmas eve and coming back with somewhat below par gifts. You know what I mean. And on that note I will be adding some gift ideas to my blog from now on and up until the end of December to hopefully help you out and give you just few ideas.

This time last year I was contacted by Green People to have a look at their extremely popular men's Stag gift set, which was a really nice, novel treat - something different from the normal high street brands. So naturally when they very kindly got in touch with me again this year, I was more than happy to collaborate.

This year, Green People have released their very uniquely wonderful butterfly gift sets. The beautiful designs from their in house designer, Anna Parkinson, really does set these apart from anything else available. A warming collection of colours and the butterfly designs are more than eye catching to say the least. Green People as you may have read in my previous post, aren't all about profit. A donation from each gift you purchase will go towards supporting the Butterfly Conservation, which help to protect and preserve British butterflies and moths and the environment they live in.

I was very kindly sent the Hydrate men's skin kit* and the Energise men's body set* to review. So below is what I thought...


The hydrate pack is made up of an exfoliator, a face serum, and a face wash. The face wash (81% organic) is real treat. The ingredients alone, based on orange and Aloe Vera, are enough to invite you in. It also contains plant proteins and seaweed to help retain your skins elasticity. The orange is the main scent of this wash which is a lovely warming, and awakening morning citrus burst any time of day.

 The face serum, which packs an even more impressive 89% organic ingredients, consists mainly of seaweed and green tea, both of which are rich in antioxidants. This hard hitting organic serum for men can help to fight the ageing process which again, in my opinion, as I'm starting to crack on (31 years young) is all good news to me. It contains lemongrass and rosemary essential oils which smell incredible, and the rosemary oil is something I'd say helps you relax to encourage a better nights sleep.

And finally the exfoliator which is made mainly of grapefruit and bamboo, and when I say mainly it is a whopping 92.7% organic! How's that for a natural product hey?! Obviously following on from that it is micro-bead free. The bamboo particles work as the scrubbing agent in the exfoliator and as with the face wash, this has a wonderful grapefruit citrus burst aroma too.


The energise kit consists of two men's body washes. Orange and Clove is an invigorating wash both for your hair and your body. It's packed with vitamin E (great for your skin) and Cypress which will help to retain the skins natural oils, ideal if like myself, you're sometimes guilty of having your shower too hot!

Mint and Eucalyptus is the second part of this duo, again a hair and body wash. Also containing vitamin E and packing some pineapple properties and yucca, all of which are great for boosting your skin. Both washes mention on the back about retaining the skins natural oils, especially after the gym or swimming. As you know with hitting the gym often comes the need to shower often, so it's important to make sure you're not drying yourself out. Keep the shower temp down and keep it quick. As for swimming, most pools contain chlorine (bleach) which is the reason I don't swim in most pools, find a UV filtered pool if possible.

Well there we are, my thoughts on these great men's gift sets from Green People. Stocking filler or not these are an ideal set for men, something different and as mentioned earlier, supporting a brilliant cause. Both sets are vegan friendly and 100% certified organic products.
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