5 Winter Skincare Tips For Men

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The modern man should look after his skin, especially his face, and even more so in the winter. I've mentioned on here before that Clint Eastwood said he wishes that he had moisturised, and I'm not surprised after a life living in a Spaghetti Western. Personally, over the last few years, especially since writing this blog, my knowledge of not only how to make myself look better, but actually look after my skin, has improved greatly. Being the tender age of 31, I have no plans to look like the left over Christmas Turkey by the time I reach 40. Hopefully this little guide will help you avoid that awful fate too.


The classic office, and indeed on-going argument, often between men and women, (but we won't go into that) is the central heating row. The radiators are one of the main culprits that will not be helping your skin over winter. Pumping out dry heat, removing moisture from the room and your skin; they are my pet hate if too hot. You can help tackle this though by using a good, and rich moisturiser. This year I've been mainly using these products.

The Body Shop Seaweed

This oil control lotion is quite thick, despite being labelled as an 'Oil Control' moisturiser. You don't need much to make a difference; a small amount goes a long way, and it does feel like it should, thick and rich. It's made mainly of seaweed (if you hadn't guessed) which is mineral rich, and contains SPF 15 to help protect from UV rays in the winter sun. It does say it's for combination/oily skin, which I would agree with, however I would not say this is an anti-shine moisturiser as it's so thick. Luckily the end goal here is to stop your face drying out, and this will most definitely not let that happen.

Perricone MD- Face finishing moisturising tint* 

This is a high end product, which is reflected on the price tag (rrp £59) but with that comes over 20 years experience from the brand founder, Nicholas Pierricone MD. A board certified dermatologist, researcher, scientist, New York Times, 'best selling author' the list goes on. Now if I'm honest, the word 'tint' did seem a bit daunting, am I going to look like someone from TOWIE, or a round orange fruit from California? The answer is no, this is not a fake tan product, it simply adds a gentle glow to your existing skin tone. Even us blokes can agree we all look better in the summer, than we do with our winter faces. It is loaded with vitamin C, and packs a healthy SPF 30 in it too.

Perricone MD Re:Firm Eye*

A good under eye cream is a must all year round. One thing I do find after leaving the house into the icy cold winter blast is my eyes can sometimes water. I'm not crying no, it's your eyes natural way of saying 'mate, is is cold, we're drying up here' thus adding some extra tear juice to help that out. Obviously one side effect of this is soreness around the eyes, usually due to rubbing them dry. This under eye cream will help add moisture, and it helps against the damage from the cold on your sensitive under eye area. A little goes a long way, warm it slighlty between your fingers and it'll turn from a gel to a serum. You can shop for Perricone MD here.


If you're not generally aware of the winter taking it's toll on your face, one thing that won't take you long to notice is your lips. I've worked in a -17°  wind chill on a roofing job before, and the first thing to feel this was my lips. If however like myself currently, working in a normal (or roasting) office environment, you still need to keep your lips in check. A brand I've been a fan of for a while now is Anthony. They have recently released this little beaut of a lip balm packing a strong SPF 25, consisting mainly of mint and white tea. It contains avocado, a natural moisturiser with antioxidant properties, Shea Butter, which is well known for it's rich in moisture properties, and vitamin E which is key for skin improving properties. It feels lush on the lips too, a nice menthol, cool mint feeling, and you only need a small amount as it's quite thick. Has a matte finish too, so you won't be left standing looking like a lady boy. Anthony products are available from Space NK.


I'm not saying bath in ice water, but if possible, turn the temp down a bit. Water that is too hot removes your skins natural oils, which will just leave your face feeling dry and tight, and even worse, itchy. Avoid this by keeping the water temp down, and your time in the shower. The same goes for washing your hair, I tend to do it less in the winter, no more than three times a week. This will avoid drying out your scalp and leaving you flaky and itchy on top.


Perricone MD Omega 3*

These Omega 3's are like no other, the fish oil is derived from Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon. This is the most purest form of Omega 3 available, which means it's going to even better for your hair and skin. Why take Omega 3? Apart from the usual known benefits of joint protection and flexibility, it's a great way to boost your mood and help get you off the sofa, and to the gym. It is also known to boost serotonin levels which can help fight depression, that most of us struggle with in long, dark and cold January. The benefits of a strong Omega 3 like this are huge, including anti-ageing properties, increased skin radiance, lowered insulin levels, and stabilised blood sugar levels, helping us keep to that insane diet we all start in January.

Perricone MD Super Berry Powder*

This super berry power is a nice little treat indeed. A box contains 30, 6g packets which can be added to smoothies, yogurt, or mixed with plain water. Each packet contains a mix of raspberry, blackberry and cranberry, which are packed with powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits. These are known to help with things such as heart disease, arthritis and ageing, tired skin. Blueberries have had countless studies to show that they help fight against skin damage and slow down the ageing process. And finally Acai, natures Red Bull, used by tribes people for over thousands of years for increased energy and focus. Could this replace my morning coffee..?


Apparently we produce less skin cells in the winter due to the colder months, but it is still essential to remove dead skin cells. I'd say if you've got normal skin to exfoliate no more than once a week, however I do it 1-2 times a week, purely because I feel I need to. Removing dead skill cells will leave your fresh and clean, but again, don't over do it or you'll do more harm than good. Here's a link to my exfoliator of choice and why I use it, GoldfadenMD.

So there is my guide to help you stay looking good, and feeling even better. I've always said, look good, feel good. To keep it simple stick to a plan similar to what I've talked about, drink more water, avoid hot water, and moisturise. You can't go wrong,after all... Winter is coming..

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