How I'm sleeping better with Leesa.

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You can eat well, hydrate, live in the gym, but all of this does not matter if you're not getting a good nights sleep. Most of us will know what it feels like to have a restless night, and to rely on match sticks to hold our eyes open the following day. Obviously your lifestyle is a major factor on how much sleep you get, but one of the main things that many people often overlook, is a good quality mattress. One of my old mattresses had springs that would often pop up in the middle of the night, not only waking me up with a loud twang, but usually digging into my hip or thigh. Much to my discomfort and inturrepted sleep, I did not do anything about this for a long time. It seems to be something we just tend to deal with, and carry on with. Don't be that person, we spend around a third of our life in bed! So make sure it's comfortable. This is where Leesa can help.

 A few months ago when Leesa got in touch, I said I would 'think about it' in regards to testing out one of their mattresses. The one I had (that's now long gone) seemed ok, It wasn't too old, no dodgy tempremental springs, so why would I want a new mattress? After some more reading and a little convincing I decided to go ahead, and since then I've not looked back. I've suffered from back problems for some years now, mainly pelvic-tilt, which to those of you who aren't sure of the condition it's basically when your pelvis moves too far forward, or backwards. Often caused by too much abs work, and not enough lower back. To help with this I often used to sleep with a pillow between my legs to help keep my hips in line with my shoulders and stop so much twisting going on. In a nutshell my back needs some work doing. Since I've been sleeping on my new Leesa mattress though the results have been very convincing.

The Leesa mattress itself has three layers of foam- a top layer of cooling foam, a contouring foam, both of which are 5cm thick, and a bottom layer core support, 15cm thick. I've tried memory foam mattresses before and often had mixed feelings, too soft, or not giving the support where they should. For me this is mainy around my hips and shoulders, the points of your body that take most of the pressure if you sleep on your side. The 3 layers in the Leesa mattress somehow work together and provide the ultimate support. With all this working in a dream-like harmony my sleep is now better, and my hips are alligned perfectly no matter what position I wake up in.

The order process is easy, pick a mattress, type in your address, payment details and you're done. A few days later you'll be greated with a box, yes you did read that right. An upright box, that at first looks like it contains anything but, a double mattress. As you can see in the photo you get a rolled up mattress, shink wrapped and ready to go. Simply take off the plastic and roll it out. Within an hour it will have risen up into a full blown double mattress, so don't be alarmed if you think it's too slim, like I at first did. Give it time, you'll be surpised.

Apart from me now sleeping better and enjoying a pain-free back, Leesa have lots more to offer. For every 10 mattresses sold, they will donate one to local homeless shelters, for more information on this visit their site. Under their 100 night risk free trial, if you feel the mattress isn't working for you within the first 100 night's, Leesa will collect the mattress and donate it to a charitable organisation, whilst giving you a full refund. If I could say one bad thing, you could find you just don't want to get out of bed, it is that comfy... be warned.
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