BoohooMan- Suit Style


Any man will agree you just can't look any better than when you're wearing a fresh suit. Menswear and style is based around tailoring, and all men need at least one good suit if not a couple. A good suit is a symbol of power, class, and can turn any man into an instant 'man about town.' Most of us will see the best suits by Armani, Hugo Boss and Ralph Lauren worn by celebs on the red carpet...and that's the only time we'll see them. Unfortunately, I don't have a couple of grand lying about for a high end designer suit. But luckily for you and me, boohooMAN have recently launched their first full range of tailoring. They have a really cool mix of some classic pieces, including waistcoats, jackets and blazers, and some proper nice tailored trousers.

I choose a couple of bits from the selection so decided to go for the slim fit double breasted suit blazer*, and slim fit suit trousers*. The pair together make up the suit I'm wearing in this post and as you can see, it looks mint. The classic navy with the square pattern looks classy and modern. As for the quality it is good for the price. The range (as with all boohooMAN clothing) is affordable and should do you well if you look after it.

I'm 5'10 and of a stocky (ish) build and I'm pleased to say the suit fits like a dream. The trousers could do with taking up an inch or so, but overall, for an of the shelf piece, I'm really pleased. There is some extra room around the shoulders which makes for more comfort taking your jacket off, or pulling it on. The slim fit trousers fit really well, they are not spray on like the styles some brands seem to offer when they label things 'Slim Fit'. I have to say I am impressed, you can get a suit and some accessories from boohooMAN for just under a hundred quid. Most of the pieces in the range aren't particularly wild either, so they can become part of a good capsule wardrobe. If you love what you see, check out more of what's on offer here.
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