Richard James Day / 30 / Brighton /

So... this is part about me. 'Why do i want to start writing a blog?' I asked myself time and time again, even months before the first steps of doing this. I think if i'm honest i'm still not a hundred percent sure why? What i do know though is that for some reason i seem to like writing all of a sudden. At the tender age of 29 and with 30 creeping up I guess I've been thinking and probably more looking back, at my early twenties.

 A few months travelling in the states (usa), parties, festivals, gigs, girlfriends, and I guess all of the norm. I was never the academic type at school, not because I lacked ability but more of my own choices back then. Which now I guess I could say 'I would of done different!'. As I was often told when I was younger I've learnt many life lessons the hard way. But I don't really dwell on it so much, it shapes the person I now am.

 I'm far from being ready for my pipe and slippers but again looking back I have realised I've not done enough, and decided It's now or never. So many of us get comfortable and let the time fly by us. As Jim Carrey recently said 'fear becomes masked with practicality', which really hit home for me. I've not been doing enough other than work and the odd day here and there involving a various hobby of mine, surfing, a good outdoor walk or even more lately reading.

 Sound familiar? I think for far too many of us yes it probably does. So back to writing this blog... what I do know is I've developed an interest in writing, I've always been well into film (particulary independent film and British cinema) fashion and male grooming I would say the last five years or so, before then I was a classic grey t-shirt and jeans man which of course is a so called 'timeless look' but I wanted to look better I guess. I'm not trying to claim I want to be the next big thing, male blogger of the year if there is even such a thing? But I would like to, 'dare I say it' inspire other men like me. If I could make even one person get up off that sofa and think 'right, today i'm gonna change something about my lifestyle' I'd be happy to know it was because of my decision to make a change in my own life by writing now and again.

 Well there you go. A brief description of myself and why I have decided to give this a go.You probably won't find a fashion review like something straight from the latest Armani AW14 trends. You more than likely will not find a film review similar to that of a higher educated man or woman with a column in The Guardian news paper either. I probably won't be trekking across the globe just yet either. But what you will find are my own views on fashion, film, and lifestyle from what most of my closer friends have nick named me... 'The Classic Male'.

 An ordinary mans man, with an appetite for a little change.